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Our 2022

Kim Fournier's Art / Our 2022

Here’s what Kim & Don have been up to in 2022 …

Since everyone got CoVid for Christmas 2021, it was a slow start to the New Year health wise. Don was very symptomatic and endured a lingering cough throughout the winter months while I showed no symptoms at all. It’s so weird how the virus affects everyone differently. However, we still managed to enjoy our winter with cross-country skiing and a couple of get-aways to Quebec City and Wakefield QC. As spring arrived, our thoughts turned towards making plans for the summer months to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I also booked a couple of plein air painting workshops to incorporate into our summer vacation.

We had made ambitious plans to embark on a long road trip across Canada to the west coast and back through the U.S.; then gas prices went through the roof. Best to stay closer to home we thought. In that spirit, we did a 2-night get-away to Perth at the end of May to celebrate our 12 years together. We enjoyed the quaint beauty or downtown Perth and cycling the roads around Murphy’s Point Provincial Park so much, that we decided to check out some real estate nearby. It wasn’t the first time that we had thought about how nice it would be to live in this area where both of us had spent time growing up. The proximity to so many lakes was a big draw as well. So we returned the following weekend and a few days later we had purchased a home near Otty Lake and 5 minutes from the provincial park. From that point on, the work to sell our home in Vankleek Hill began and the organizing and packing ensued. Six months later and only now are we unpacked and settled into our new home.

Our efforts were sidelined when Don contracted Lyme’s Disease from a tick bite received while petting our outdoor cats. The woodlands where we live are have an abundance of deer and the ticks are prevalent. After navigating the local health care system, he has completed the antibiotic treatment and has recovered nicely. Since then we both have been enjoying the road cycling and I’m often seen walking my kayak to nearby Otty Lake to be “on the water” as I had envisioned. Soon the cross-country ski season will begin and we’ve become members of the Tay Valley Ski Club to enjoy the nearby trails at Murphy’s Point. We feel very fortunate to be close to the activities we love while still being just over an hour away from our “kids” living in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.

There has been big news in the family as well this year …

Patrick and Andi moved to Sri Lanka for her 3-year assignment with Global Affairs. In September they returned for a visit and we spent some time together at our new place. Patrick also took down some of the dead trees killed by a gypsy moth infestation two years ago. They’re now back in Sri Lanka and apparently do not miss our Canadian winters.

James and Miriam decided to separate at the start of the new year. Fortunately both have found places to live in the same neighbourhood in Ottawa and are sharing custody to raise Maëlle with all the love she has always enjoyed. Everyone is happily adjusting to new lives.

Steffan is finishing up his PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Ellen has completed her Master’s in International Development with a research focus on degrowth. Both are now in the process of applying for post-graduate opportunities in Sweden or Norway to begin later next year. We will have to spend more time together enjoying the Canadian outdoors before they return back to Europe.

Emily and Brandon have welcomed a new baby girl “Elise Marie Williams” to our world. She was born three weeks early on October 23rd weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. Now a month later, she is thriving and has gained weight to a healthy 9 lbs. She is beautiful and a very calm baby; apparently except for when she’s hungry.

In the photo gallery, you can see photos of the places and people who have made 2022 a special year for us. We hope that this year has been a happy one for you and that the new year ahead will bring more fun and adventures to you and yours!

Kim & Don

Here is the photo gallery of some highlights from 2022: